Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant:

It is one of the Facial Hair Transplant procedures that commonly performed in Turkey today.  Eyebrow hair transplant is preformed with the same manner as Head Hair Transplant. A single follicular hair unit accurately moved from the donor area in the scalp to the eyebrow-received area.

Because of the nature of the hair in the eyebrow, there is a special case here that: the surgeon should choose a single hair follicular unit to re-implement in the eyebrow area in order to restore the natural shape of the eyebrow.

Goals of Eyebrow Transplant procedure:

Eyebrow transplantation procedure aimed to correct the following defects:

  • Lack of eyebrow density due to genetic factors.
  • Loss of eyebrow due to laser hair removal.
  • Absence of hair due to burns or scars.
  • Eyebrow hair loss due to facial Alopecia Areata.
  • Eyebrow hair loss due to high usage of commercially cosmetics.

Eyebrow Transplant and its results:

The number of hairs that can be transplanting ranged between 100 to 700 hairs within the two eyebrow. This process is preformed according the patient desire for the final shape and density of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow hair transplant in Turkeyana Clinic:

  • Eyebrow Transplant procedure is performed in Turkeyana Clinic within an equipped operation room that controlled by the Ministry of Health Turkey (T.C. Sağlık Bakanlığı).
  • The operation will be performed using the latest technology available for hair restoration Follicular Unit Extraction FUE Technique.
  • There are three steps in the operation: the first one is the extraction of the single follicular hair unit the second is preparation of baldness area in the eyebrow and the third step is the implementation of the single follicular hair unit with precise direction of normal eyebrow hair.

Important Notes:

  • The implemented hair Eyebrow transplant procedure should be thin and short to be proportional to the nature of original eyebrow hair.
  • There is no surgical suture used in the operation.
  • The operation will performed under local anesthetic.
  • Do not be worry if a hair loss happened during the first two weeks of the operation because this is a natural process of the procedure, a new hair will grow again after this action and will last for lifetime.

Duration and Residence in Turkey:

The time of the operation takes between 1 to 2 hours and that is depend on the number of graft harvest.

Residence in Istanbul Turkey will be only 3 days. The first one is for the operation the second one is to take a rest and the final day is for eyebrow washing.

For more information regarding Eyebrow Transplant:

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