Mesotherapy is non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment in which the physician do several tiny pharmaceutical injections contain vitamins, minerals plant extracts and other ingredient to deliver it into the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin.

It can be used in many cosmetic treatments:

  • Facial skin treatment.
  • Wrinkles removal.
  • Acne related scar.
  • Hair loss treatment.
  • Skin pigmentation treatment and skin nutrition.

Facial Meso-Therapy:

Facial Mesotherapy treatment is work on encouraging collagen and elastin production in the skin. The physician use small needle to inject the meso-therapy in the skin with tiny multiple injections in the facial area.

Mesotherapy form Hair loss treatment:

Mesotherapy helps hair to growth and increase the nutrition on the follicles the results stays only as treatment continue. Many patient showed improvement of hair growth after therapy. Mesotherapy considered an adjuvant treatment for hair loss with the main treatment FUE hair transplant.

Mesotherapy for hair loss treatment injected into the scalp area in head consist of pharmaceutical ingredients like collagen, vitamins, which encourage hair for, grow, and it is always used with local anesthetic.

We always use small needle for mesotherapy injection in the mesodermal area in the scalp area of the head to nutritionist the hair follicles.

We can use mesotherapy in multiple sections as a rate of one section per two weeks.

For more information regarding Mesotherapy:

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