Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Treatment

Plasma Rich Platelet:

The newly advanced technology in cosmetic treatment helps the doctors to get more option in non-invasive treatment for patient to get better results.

PRP treatment performed by taking blood sample and separate the content of it by centrifuging device, the physician take the plasma rich platelet’s blood sample (which has concentrated growth factors) and re-injected in the targeted area.

Plasma rich platelet can be injected in the following areas:

  • PRP treatment in facial skin.
  • PRP treatment for neck skin.
  • PRP treatment in scalp for hair restoration.

PRP Treatment for Hair Restoration:

PRP hair restoration therapy cannot only reverse the effect of spotted baldness and thinning hair but also can help you create long lasting and natural hair growth.

Hair restoration therapy works by using your own body growth factors to stimulate and repair of damage scalp tissue, which is vital for repair of damage hair follicles.

This amazing treatment does not only cover up the symptoms of hair loss but also fix the core problem resulting in new healthy hair growth.

Growth Factors PRP:

Plasma rich platelet contain high concentration of growth factors that essential for hair growth and skin cell nutrition.

The results of Plasma rich platelet treatment in both hair restoration and skin nutrition take longer time to get the results.

For more information regarding PRP treatment:

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