Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus is caused by single-celled fungi called dermatophytes. This common nail disease usually occurs as a result of skin fungus infecting the nail or spreading through the circulation. In addition, factors such as nail rubbing against tight shoes, deep cutting or damage to the nails can also lead to nail fungus.

Scratching the fungal area may cause the fungus to spread. During scratching, the fungus can infect the fingernail and spread to other areas. In addition, walking barefoot in humid environments, in the pool or in the Turkish bath, wearing shoes without drying the feet sufficiently, sweating in shoes and sharing personal items can also cause fungal infection. Diabetes, a weak immune system and the use of certain medications may also increase the susceptibility to nail fungus.

Nail fungus manifests itself with symptoms such as changes in the color of the nail, thickening, formation of holes under it, crumbling, and sometimes even separation of the nail from the skin. If the nails are damaged, the risk of the fungus settling is higher. For this reason, narrow or pointed-toed shoes should be avoided, and unconscious manicures and pedicures should be avoided.

Nail fungus can damage the appearance and structure of the nail. If it occurs on the feet, it may also be associated with a bad odor. Fungus can cause problems such as cracks and flaking. People with fungal nails are likely to have difficulty walking, wearing shoes, and standing.

Nail fungus treatment is important. Untreated fungal infections can reach the nail root and cause nail loss. Nail fungus care performed by a specialist podiatrist is achieved by cleaning the fungal and thickened nail. Nails that grow healthily as a result of treatment prevent the infection of the fungus. This treatment also relieves the discomfort experienced inside the shoe.

Nails thickened due to fungus or other reasons are thinned by podologists using special devices and diseased tissues are cleaned. Then, the nail is corrected aesthetically using methods such as the onycolit gel system. Thanks to this method, the nail becomes thinner and healthier. Regular maintenance prevents the nail from thickening and deforming again and preserves its aesthetic appearance.