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Medical Transplant Services

Excellent job and service very very professional and very knowledgeable about ttheir work the transfer were very good and they made me very very happy and I would like to thanks all of them for been here to help me and change me 😃

Rua Kareem

Turkeyana one from the best clinic in Turkey Everything was perfect service hotel transport and staff absolutely lovely people to have one off the best experience in your life Strongly recommend clinic Don’t hesitate to get your confident back with Turkeyana I have special thank for Amir my medical assistant he has helped a lot Thanks Turkeyana

Bassam Alkawarit

Overall excellent services starting from initial consultation, transportation and hotel arrangements and meet and assist at the hospital. Very friendly staff the medical team, translator team ( English and Arabic) and the doctors. Special thanks to DR. Sema for her professional treatment and friendly approach. Hopefully I would see positive results in the due course and then I would be in the position to recommend the clinic to friends and colleagues.

Hasan Abdulghaffar

The experience was very good. The people at the clinic were kind and helpful. They were always making sure that I felt comfortable with ther procedure. They should continue with this approach. I would fully recommend Turkeyana Clinic.

Ajhanth Yogachandran

What a 5 stars clinic!!! We started our trip in order for my wife to have a breast lift and enlargement but when I saw the clinic and the high stardard I have decided to undertake dentist operations for myself as well. Everything went as planned and the results was amazing, great value for money and exceed expectations of result.

Marin Stefan-Marian

This is my second time to give this company a review because I want everyone to know that you would not regret it. I am so glad I chose to go with Turkeyana Clinic. I had Nada which was my assistant the whole of my experience prior and after my surgery. She was very helpful, answered all my questions and gave me the best experience anyone would have she me feel comfortable and she made my experience alot easy with everything I had required. Much respect for Nada I couldn’t thank her enough. What service do you receive from Turkeyana Clinic you maybe wondering. From booking your hotel, pick up/ drop at the airport, pickup/drop-off from one appointment to another. Translators by your side and the customer experience is absolutely just incredible. I cannot wait to go back there !


I had a good experience so far at turkyana clinic. Service is excellent. Operation went smooth. Staff is very helpful and very friendly. The only downside of the entire procedure is the medical treatment products that they offered are not cheap and alittle pricy with not much discount offered. But it is optional and there is no force sale.

Hazem Almadani

From the hotel transfer to the surgery date, the staff at Turkeyana were very professional. The clinic / hospital looks amazing and the facilities are very modern. My procedure was explained in great detail and the surgery was successful. The surgery team was amazing, and very efficient. I feel optimistic about my my procedure and the long term results. As an English speaking client, they accommodated with a dedicated translators and great aftercare. I highly recommend Turkeyana. A special shout out to Sami Ali B on WhatsApp for organising everything, and Regina for a great job with translating 👍🏼

Zam Zam

The staff is really nice and the place is great and very clean and nice. The hygienist and assistant person need a little bit more experience.


Thanks for the medical advisor Adnan alaya And for turkeyana clinik Excellent medical staff, excellent services, excellent attention

athneil mano

It was great experience for me. Thank you for all staffs in TurkeyAna.

Erdinc Ozgul

Duha was a fresh of breath air. She was patient and consistent. I absolutely enjoyed dealinh with her. She answered all my questions at all times of the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She made this very simple and easy. Thank you Duha


I had the best experience within Turkyana Clinic from the staff and all medical practitioners especially the interpreter Mr, Ahmed was wonderful person and very supportive with all necessary questions and requirements provided.

Emir Aziz

I would like to thank the Turkishana Center for their wonderful services and good treatment, starting from my landing and my arrival at the airport. Honestly, they were very kind, polite and courteous. I would especially like to thank the staff in the dental clinic, including workers, doctors and assistants. I really feel completely comfortable with them. I would like to thank the brothers for the reception and I would like to thank them also. I would like to thank the assistant Mahmoud And the assistant Abdullah and the assistant Hazem and the coordinator Nada for their hospitality and good treatment, kind and good. I also thank the doctor for her wonderful and elaborate work. In the end, I thank you all 😊😊😊🥰

Issa alsaidi

We’ve been here a couple of times and so far every time that we came here we received great service. Their staff can speak and understand multiple languages which made it much easier to communicate with them.

Ameer Attrah

I would like to thank the Turkishana Center for their wonderful services and good treatment, starting from my landing and my arrival at the airport. Honestly, they were very kind, polite and courteous. I would especially like to thank the staff in the dental clinic, including workers, doctors and assistants. I really feel completely comfortable with them. I would like to thank the brothers for the reception and I would like to thank them also. I would like to thank the assistant Mahmoud And the assistant Abdullah and the assistant Hazem and the coordinator Nada for their hospitality and good treatment, kind and good. I also thank the doctor for her wonderful and elaborate work. In the end, I thank you all 😊😊😊🥰

Issa alsaidi

Loved every bit of the journey, went in with high hopes and left with great success. Thank you to everyone at the hospital and turkeyana for going through the whole process from my home country till here. The service was impeccable again Thank you again Thank you to Dr Hasan and Belkis as well as Stella our turkeyana agent.

Xena anber

It was a great experience with your services. I’m glad I took that decision to go on this my weight loss and most especially with your incredible assistance. Your hospitality was perfect, communication, client services . You guys are amazing! Even though I had small hitches with some of the nurses, maybe cultural differences. Overall, I was comfortable with your services. I was size 22 but now I’m at 16 . I feel so much confident now, healthy as well. Thank you 🙏🏾. I would recommend your services to many who would want to take a step like I did. I’m definitely coming back to Instanbul


Many thanks to Turkeyana Company for their beautiful hosting and beautiful reception, and thanks to all the wonderful team, and thank you very much, frankly, who was with me in constant contact with me All the time it is available along hamsa Thank you very much hamsa

Ali Salah

Hey my name is Omar i came from Australia, my friend recommended TURKEYANA CLINIC, and when i came i was surprised for the team like best team i have ever seen, from the translator, DR,s , call centre. And special thanks for Ahmed for his full help, and dealing with my as brother ❤️

Omar AZ

I want to start with saying 5 stars plus the staff were very considerate helpful and professional. The Dr. Was caring and personable. The whole place was maintained extremely well just as magnificent. It was also very secure. They also have food there like a small café. I’ll definitely recommend this place, going back for sure. Made friends there I feel like I know everyone there.. if you go there ask for Ahmed!! And tell him I sent you

Sarmad Joseph

Very helpful. Clinic looks just like the pictures all the staff is very helpful, informative and attentive. Beautiful clinic. Extremely nice staff clean facility. They take their time and answer all questions. They accommodated me however they could. Amazing clinic.


The full experience was amazing starting from the receptionist till the doctor and the medical team.. They took care if every details and the operation went smooth with best outcome so far.. I really do recommended the hospital to my friends and anyone looking for a VIP medical experience..

Hanin Abu Mur

Turkeyana really went above and beyond. They helped from the minute I got to thee airport from transportation to even local recommendation. First, i got in contact with Khalid from the call center who explained every single step and was transparent and to the point. Then, I was greeted by an amazing staff member named jihad who Was super kind and helpful. Then he introduced me to the translator Mr. Nour who was with me every single step off the procedure. Pasty, I can’t thank enough the medical staff who took super good care of me prior and post to the surgery. Thank you, Turkeyana!

ibrahim alsalmi

I would to thank all the team members of Turkeyana clinic for their great efforts and usual support. The services were grate and amazing starting from reception until last location which is Operation room. Many thanks and appreciated. Ali

Eng Ali

The service was perfect and very professional starting from picking me up from the airport until the end. Special thanks to the medical team Dr. Onur, the admin team Mr. Mazin, Ms. Diana and Mr. Zaid for providing me with translation services and needed support through out the experience. Please accept my apology if i forgot mentioning some names. I wish Turkeyana all the best.

Riyad Alsharif

My name is sarmad sako I love to thank all turkeyana team and me adnan and all the medical team who helped me in the producers they’re number one I recommend to you guys the number one clinic in the world turkeyana spicial thanks to all the doctors there

Sarmad Sako

I attended the Turkeyana clinic all the way from Australia. My medical consultant Umer was extremely helpful and assisted me with everything I needed to know. He called me and explained everything to me as well as message me informing me of everything. He made me very comfortable and I put my trust in his hands. All the doctors at the clinic were nice and friendly including Abubekir and Regina, they made the procedure much easier and calming. Thanks to everyone from Turkeyana!


They are professional and their service is really 5 stars. They explained everything to me and they are always happy to answering me question. Special thanks to D. Sharaf Al Deen And to the translator Mr Ibrahim


Turkeyana clinic is fantastic! There office and staff are accommodating, friendly, and extremely helpful! They did an amazing job and was extremely kind and caring throughout the whole process I find Gabrial to be an outstanding agent. He is so knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. His office staff is also excellent I definitely recommend to everyone

walid samandar

It was a nice experience, the medical staff was very kind♥️.

Faya Marzouq

Very nice, hospitable. The dr and the crew are very good


1. Good service all over 2. good hotel and very clean 3. The drivers could be a little more on time and more cautious on the road instead of going on the phone all the time. some were fantastic and some made me feel un easy 4. What let me down the most is the translator that was promised to me wasn’t the best and at times i was left lost and confused in the hospital not knowing how to acquire information that i really needed 5. All over, decent prices for everything in the package of course, turkey is beautiful, the people are nice and elegant and now im just waiting too see my results after the surgery and that would finalise my review

Aimz El

Hi Turkeyana Team, Thanks for the overwelming and well organized service. I am very thankful that Turkeyana accomodated me on this wonderful experience.. thanks again Turkeyana!

wongfeihong Gaming

Surgical staff was very professional. Although time was short, they manged to do all the work include temporary theets. service of transportations, very good. lack of exact information.

אילנה דרור

I have recently returned from having a gastric sleeve I have recently returned from having a gastric sleeve with Turkeyana clinic/hospital Istanbul, Turkey. I want to stress I have not been paid for this review or even asked by them to write one, but I felt I had to share my excellent experience for those who were probably just as confused as I was when starting out on this journey. I travelled alone which was a first for me and the experience was completely well planned with clear instructions. The coordinator was amazing and so were my airport pick up drivers and meet and greets, they took any stress away for me. On arrival the hospital was very modern, very clean and I was met with smiles of reassurance from two translator’s that made my whole experience the best.

Christine Perrau

I had my nose job done. From the AirPort to the hotel hotel to clinic 5 star service, everybody was very professional. Great Doctors and still calling me to floor- up. Thank you

Emel Tuğçe Gürkan

Thank you so much to Turkeyana clinic they make me happy My name is Haitham Hasan Good doctor good staff they are very friendly The room was very clean and this is very important

Haitham Al Zaidi

All people were nice with me. They were profesional. The day of the operation they take care with me. I m sery satisfied of the service. I recommande them.

Souhil Alam

great experience and great staff just amazing i would like to thank all the translators for there help also the doctor they made my experience easier by explaining every step thanks turkeyana

rami abed

I would like to thank Turkeyana Clinic for taking care of all the details of my operation from the first day until now, great service and beautiful care in the hospital I was very happy with dealing with them, thanks for all the services you provided me


I did a rhinoplastik in turkeyana clinic, it was an experience that i would happily recommend. thank you for the good same work, and especially Mohannad Naser, who has been with me step by step from start to finish, thank you for good communication, thank you very much. And thank you doctor Ibrahim Altoparlak.

amina zeaiter

I Had attended Turkeyana clinic and the service i received was superb. The staff was very helpful,efficient and professional. I would highly recommend to visit it

Christine Perrau

Great place. professional people. they know what to do. Do far I’m happy my 2nd day operations. I hope everything will look great after 6 Months.

Walter Jendeman

I confirm that I received a VIP logistic service (transportation, hotel and interpretation) at Turkeyana. The Medical team were highly qualified and experienced in the field and they offered me full A to Z pre and post operation information covering all the relevant processes and procedures. All Turkeyana doctors and personnel treated me kindly and professionally and exerted genuine efforts to keep me comfortable and happy throughout the whole process. Three weeks after the operation, I have now started to see excellent results confirmed by my friends and family members. I strongly recommend Turkeyana as Turkey’s number1 One-Stop Clinic that professionally meets all your hair, teeth, eyes and body cosmetic needs.

Walid Alobeid

All thanks and appreciation to Counsellor Salah, who arranged and organised everything a few months before I arrived at the hospital. He was patient and friendly with me a lot, and he answered all the questions, and what amazed me that he responds to messages and questions quickly at any time, he is always present and followed up with me in every step , very respectful with a great attitude, i also the hospital staff starting by the reception and ending by the medical staff and doctors for being such professional and dedicated to their duties and having such a great attitude and always smiling and giving me positive energy through my journey in their hospital , last and not least I would like to thank Dr.Serkan and Suzan they have done a great job and were very professional and gave me the result i was hoping for , Now i got back my self confidence thank you

Ravan omar

My experience in turkeyana was very good and they had very good interpreters like saif and diaa they were very professional and helping with everything.

H Ahmed

Hello, I went to the hospital turkeyna. The reception was good and the service in general was good. Thank you Hazem

Mohamed Sefrioui

Very good service and the stuff are so friendly and helpful. I recommend them.

Stefano Alken

Everyone was very nice and helpful during my treatment. Looking forward to seeing the final results.

Rami Sabra

Great experience and professionnal stuff I do my rhynoplasty it’s great all the procedure transport / logistic/ medical team

labiba sharefa

Thanks for everyone in the clinic special Dr. Ozgür Erdem Yilmaz and ail and Arslan Kashlan


Turkeyana is incredible. I am two weeks post op currently and everything is going well so far. Usually when I do reviews I like to be honest about all aspects of a service. Even one minor occurrence will result in a 4 star, however Turkeyana did not have that. The facility was very very clean and aesthetically pleasing. They even had a cafe with free coffee snacks and seating which was great. The transportation was 5 STARS. I booked an Airbnb a bit further away because of the size of my family which did travel with me, and yet the Turkeyana transportation team was always on time. The vehicles were clean and the staff very friendly. The medical team was superb. They could answer any questions regarding the procedure and post-op care. The team is well trained, and constantly make sure you are comfortable and okay during the entire procedure. If you are in pain, speak up, and they will accommodate. Make sure you receive a proper consultation as well prior to going Turkeyana, especially if you are flying in from another country. Last of all, Istanbul is a beautiful city and turkeyana allows you to explore it right after. Turkeyana provides all the post op care from shampoos to a repair foam, a sleeping pillow, and a light-fitting hat so you can still explore and enjoy the city while there.

Wajdy Ali

It was great experience..

moustafa fares

I don’t have enough word to thank you all the doctors and the stuffs i really happy 😁


Excellent clinic, good service and professional follow up after the operation from Marwan