Healthy Nutrition and Diet

Healthy Nutrition and Diet

Strong Body with Healthy Life and Nutrition Conscious Choices

The cornerstone of a healthy life is determined by the type and amount of fuel we provide our body. An adequate, balanced and nutritious diet is critical not only to maintain our basic functions, but also to maintain our best mental and physical health. In order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, it is important to remember that healthy eating is not an instant solution, but should be adopted as a lifestyle.

Although short-term and periodic diets bring rapid results, this approach often results in inadequate and temporary results. Healthy nutrition should be a habit that is maintained in every period of our lives, combined with correct knowledge and discipline.

Healthy nutrition not only fights obesity, but also prevents a number of health problems, from developmental disorders to respiratory and digestive problems, from diabetes to high blood pressure, from bone and joint disorders to cardiovascular diseases. A healthy and regular eating regimen also delays the aging process and positively affects overall health. In addition, with a healthy diet, our skin, hair and nails become revitalized and beautiful. We feel more energetic, renewed and positive both physically and mentally.

A personalized nutrition plan

It is important to create a personalized nutrition plan to improve quality of life and support health. However, this plan must be prepared with correct information and professional guidance. A dietitian will evaluate your individual nutritional needs, consider your daily routine and lifestyle, and create a personalized nutrition program for you.

Your nutritionist determines an appropriate weight goal by measuring your metabolic rate and body mass index. Then, it prepares a special nutrition program and diet list for you. It allows you to get more effective results by tracking your weekly weight loss and surprising your metabolism. Throughout this process, you learn which foods are right for you, how your body responds, and how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This process, which takes place under the guidance of a dietitian, helps not only those who want to lose weight, but also everyone from those who want to gain a healthy weight to athletes, from diabetics to pregnant mothers, to achieve their healthy nutrition goals.