Facial Light Filling

Facial Light Filling

Turkeyana Facial Light Filling, Re-luminosity of the Skin

Turkeyana Facial light filler is a special application that aims to plump the skin, gain brightness and regain its vitality. Its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid restores the moisture balance of the skin, while 8 different amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 3 minerals and vitamins support the structuring of the skin.

What is the Application Method?

Turkeyana Light Filler is applied to the face with tiny injections. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin and ensures rapid absorption of water, resulting in a taut, vibrant and bright skin. The high water retention capacity of hyaluronic acid naturally revitalizes the skin, plumps it and gives it elasticity.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Turkeyana Facial Light Filling is generally applied in three sessions. Sessions are generally performed at intervals of 15-30 days, depending on the person’s skin condition. The effect of the application continues for approximately 12 months.