Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation:

From the dawn of time breasts have been the main feature of femininity having breasts that are proportionate to the rest of the body is something that many women want.

With the simple procedure you too can achieve a more attractive shape. A lack of volume sagging breasts are the main reasons for undergoing breast augmentation mammoplasty.

Patient and Doctor Discussion:

It is vitally important to hold an open discussion with your surgeon during the visit tell him what you want, expect from the surgery. After taking down a full medical history, you should highlight any problems that maybe as regards blood clotting any medication you are on your own and family history of breast disorders of pathology.

The surgeon should examine and see the size and position of your breasts and how asymmetrical the breast tissue areolas and foals under the breast are. He also have to evaluate the size and shape of the chest wall how it relate to the waist and your height and weight.

Breast Enlargement Surgery in Turkeyana Clinic:

There are three ways in which implants are inserted from under the breast from around the areola and from armpit.

  • If it is inserted from under the breast, a small incision will be made in the fold under the breast the incision will not go further than the vertical of the medial edge of the areola. Then without penetrating the mammary gland, the surgeon gains access to breast muscle.
  • If the breast is full then the implants maybe placed in front of the pectoralis muscle if the breast is empty and there is a little breast tissue then the implant would look obvious and therefor a pocket is created under the pectoralis muscle a sub muscular pocket.
  • There is a further option, which is placed the implant between the muscle and its fascia, which is known as a sub facial pocket. The same procedure can be performed by making an incision around the areola although in this case we must make a subcutaneous de-section at the bottom end to reach the deep plan.

Access from under the armpit requires making a horizontal incision in the armpit creating a place to hold the implant well necessarily be done under the muscle and has performed using a flat dissector.

Types of Silicone Implants used in Breast Augmentation:

Technological advancement have brought about a tremendous improvement in the implant used in the breast enlargement.

From the liquid silicone, implants used in the past we have evolved to implant filled with cohesive silicon gel and this type of filling is generally considered to be the best available today.

By increasing the degree of cohesiveness, silicone gel has the great advantage of keeping it shape without making it hard to the touch so the implant not wrinkle.

Because we walk upright and are subject to gravity, it also has the advantage of preventing the upper part of the breast from emptying which gives it a very natural shape.

Saline cohesive silicone gel filled implants are manufacture in different height and projection ad breast based. It was the base that generally limited the choice of implant size now we no longer suffer from these limitation the same breast passed we can chose between two different heights of filling from the upper end of the breast at three different projection this gives a very natural effect and changes the degree of filling of the breast couple projection. We would only use round implants with a height profile of cohesive gel if the patient want to have a breast with a very rounded upper ball.

The results would depend upon the proper three procedural approach, personalize study and a frank and open discussion with the surgeon.

For more information regarding Breast Augmentation Surgery:

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