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What motivates us at Turkeyana to do more to develop this sustainable relationship between us and our esteemed visitors is the smile of satisfaction and the look of overwhelming happiness on their faces when they see the results. Watch with us how their reactions were at the Turkeyana Clinic, which impressed them with its distinguished administrative staff, the skill of the expert doctors, the quality of the comprehensive services provided to them, the extreme attention to detail, the medical follow-up after the procedure, and the amazing results they obtained.

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Plastic Surgery Services

Breast Surgeries

A comprehensive set of breast plastic surgeries that aim to improve the appearance of the breast, address various medical and cosmetic problems, and reshape it to make it appear healthier...

Facial Surgeries

A specialized group of surgical procedures is performed to highlight the beauty of the face and give it more defined and clear features…  

Weight Loss

A group of weight loss operations is intended for those who suffer from severe obesity that does not respond to diet or exercise and has contributed to serious health problems… 


Gynecomastia surgery is a simple cosmetic procedure that aims to remove fat and glandular tissue in the breast area for men and re-sculpt the chest circumference again to give that area a firm…

Stages of Plastic Surgery

Contact our medical consultant and let them guide you through the whole process.

Decide your medical tour plan mutually with our consultant.

Get your tickets booked and fix the date for the procedure.

Leave it all to us. Sit back, relax, and wait for your appointment.

We’ll pick you up from your arrival location and escort you back and forth between the hotel and the clinic.

We’ll follow up with you until you see the result and you’re fully recovered.

Having the perfect body and enjoying health and vitality is a very beautiful thing. It enhances self-confidence and highlights attractiveness and a strong presence everywhere, but behind it is a deep commitment to a life filled with passion to achieve the ideal appearance that you dream of.
Turkeyana Clinic – the most famous name in the world of cosmetic medicine – offers you a variety of cosmetic surgeries with the highest success rates in Turkey at the hands of the most skilled plastic surgeons and using the latest technologies and the most advanced medical devices. It is committed to the highest standards of quality and is distinguished by developing customized treatment plans for its clients, specific to meet the needs and goals of each individual visitor, to give them the appearance of the healthy and ideal body they want to achieve.

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Your complete guide to how our services work, the candidates, the latest techniques and charming results.



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