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Breast surgeries are a popular category of cosmetic procedures in Turkey, attracting local and international patients. The country’s well developed medical tourism industry, highly skilled surgeons, and qualified facilities have contributed to its growing reputation. This reputation made Turkey, especially the clinics in Istanbul, a preferred destination for various breast surgeries. Some of the most common breast surgeries performed in Turkey include:

  1. Breast augmentation: Breast augmentation surgery involves the placement of breast implants or fat transfer. The cosmetic surgery aims to increase breast size and improve breast shape.
  2. Breast reduction: Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the size and weight of overly large breasts. It soothes physical discomfort and improves aesthetic appearance.
  3. Breast lift: Also known as mastopexy, this type of surgery raises and reshapes sagging breasts, restoring a youthful and firmer appearance.
  4. Breast reconstruction: This surgery restores the shape and appearance of breasts. It is usually conducted after mastectomy (breast removal surgery for breast cancer) or other breast-related traumas.

All of these surgeries are conducted under general anesthesia.

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Patients choose Turkey for breast surgeries due to various factors, such as:

  • Affordable pricing: Breast surgeries in Turkey are often more affordable compared to countries.
  • Skilled and experienced surgeons: Turkey is home to numerous well-trained and experienced plastic surgeons. These surgeons are specialized in breast surgeries and other cosmetic procedures.
  • High-quality facilities: Turkish healthcare facilities, like Turkeyana, often adhere to international care and quality standards. Many hospitals hold accreditations from various organizations.
  • Comprehensive medical tourism packages: Clinics in Turkey often provide all inclusive packages. These packages include medical procedures, accommodations, transportation, and other services.
  • Cultural and natural attractions: In addition to medical care, Turkey offers a rich cultural history and stunning landscapes. Patients and their companions can explore the city’s beauty, especially in Istanbul, Turkey, before or after their procedure.

Everything is to assure you that you are in safe hands…

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