Turkeyana Clinic: A Global Beacon of Quality with TEMOS Certification

Turkeyana Clinic Achieves Prestigious TEMOS Global Quality Certificates, Setting the Standard for Excellence in Medical Facilities and Medical Travel Coordination.

In a remarkable milestone for healthcare excellence, Turkeyana Clinic has proudly earned the esteemed TEMOS Global Quality Certificates, reinforcing its commitment to unparalleled standards in both medical facilities and medical travel coordination. This achievement places Turkeyana Clinic at the forefront of the healthcare industry, setting a new benchmark for quality and safety in the provision of medical services.

The TEMOS certification is a testament to Turkeyana Clinic’s unwavering dedication to delivering world-class healthcare solutions while meeting the stringent criteria set forth by TEMOS International, a globally recognized accreditation body. This accolade not only reflects the clinic’s commitment to clinical excellence but also highlights its expertise in ensuring seamless and secure medical travel experiences for patients from around the world.

What is the TEMOS Global Quality Certificate

Diplomatic Council has introduced a prestigious quality certification for medical facilities and medical travel coordinators engaged in serving international patients across medical tourism, tourism medicine, and medical services for business travelers and expatriates. This esteemed certification is awarded following the successful completion of the Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TIHA) program. Temos International, known for its neutral and independent approach, accredits various healthcare providers globally, setting high standards for hospitals, clinics, dental centers, IVF clinics, rehabilitation centers, eye clinics, and medical travel coordinators. The Diplomatic Council acknowledges and trusts the Temos quality system, leveraging the extensive expertise of international assessors with backgrounds in medicine and quality assurance. 

To achieve the Diplomatic Council quality certificate and gain inclusion in the “Diplomatic Council – Preferred Partner” Directory, medical facilities must successfully undergo Temos International’s programs, with over 80 providers worldwide currently holding this prestigious accreditation.


The purpose of Temos accreditation is to impartially assess, evaluate, and validate both medical and non-clinical services, identifying areas for improvement to optimize overall medical and service quality within applying organizations. The comprehensive set of standards is provided to organizations once the accreditation process is initiated, and Temos International is committed to regularly reviewing and updating these standards to align with international best practices. 

Following the “Plan – Do – Check – Act” principles, the Temos Standards Development process, overseen by the Temos International Governing Body, ensures the highest quality. All accreditation programs adhere to international standards for patient and staff safety, governance, leadership, and quality management, incorporating emerging topics in global medicine and patient management. Customer and assessor feedback are integral components, contributing to ongoing improvement and addressing concerns through the Temos complaint management process.