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Reasonable price

Türkiye is a known destination for medical tourism due to various factors, such as affordable costs, developed health facilities, and medical staff expertise. Istanbul has a significant role in the growing medical tourism sector in Türkiye. The mega-city connects Asia and Europe while also connecting people from different nationalities. 

Among many other clinics, Turkeyana shines through and ranks on the list of best-quality clinics in Türkiye. Its reputation has spread worldwide, attracting international patients with different purposes. 

Turkeyana provides Hair Transplantation operations, Dental Treatments, Plastic Surgeries, and Cosmetic Treatments. Most international patients choose Turkeyana for Hair Transplantation operations and Plastic Surgeries since it has high success rates and is more affordable than other countries. 

Salah Chatah, a famous YouTuber, also chose Turkeyana for his hair transplant operation. The YouTuber had his hair transplantation in 2020 and shared a video of his journey with extensive details. Chatah was suffering from partial baldness, and after intensive research, he decided to have his hair transplant in Turkeyana. 

In his YouTube vlog, Chatah extensively talks about his journey with Turkeyana in Türkiye. He gets answers from the experts about the frequently asked questions, then shows the clinic to his viewers and gives post-operation tips about maintaining the hair transplant results. 

He says that before meeting Turkeyana, he was hesitant about having a hair transplant and had some objections to it. However, shortly after he got his consultation from Turkeyana experts, Chatah changed his mind and decided to have a hair transplant operation.

As it is known, hair transplantation results typically can be observed fully after the completion of a year. The YouTuber shared his results in three, six, and nine months. It can be seen that even after three months, the results are fascinating. 

Salah Chatah’s YouTube video highlights the importance of choosing the right clinic. As Chatah also explains, Turkeyana is listed as one of the best clinics in Türkiye. They walk through with the patients on their journey and provide excellent services. 

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