Is dental implant surgery a painful procedure?

Is dental implant surgery a painful procedure


Is dental implant surgery a painful procedure?

Is dental implant surgery a painful procedure

Is dental implant surgery a painful procedure? This is one of the most asked topics about dental implants. The dental implant application has now been standardized for more than 20 years and has reached optimal levels of safety and reliability.

The word “surgery” can sound scary. You may be extremely worried about the drilling, cutting, or sutures. The good news is that you will not experience any pain during the dental implant application because your mouth will be completely numb during the procedure. 

Patients generally think that the idea of ​​having a hole in their jawbones would hurt a lot. This is not the case because the nerve tissue in the bone is much less than in the soft gums. Bone is not a very painful tissue. It is a tissue with less vitality and nerves. Therefore, opening a socket in the bone is not a painful procedure at all. We know that after the dental implant application, which is carefully performed by experienced specialists, patients do not suffer, even on the same day. 

You can expect some tenderness after the anesthesia wears off. However, it isn’t unmanageable. Your dentist in Top Clinic will recommend that you take a painkiller for any discomfort felt during the healing process. Even at the end of the anesthesia effect, the pain will be less than that experienced for a dental extraction.

The healing process will be different for everyone. However, the common opinion of the patients is that there is not much pain during the procedure or throughout the recovery. 

One of the most common and normal consequences of dental implant application is swelling or edema. The gingiva, and therefore the cheek, may swell slightly for a few days. Fortunately, modern techniques can easily reduce such results. During the hours after surgery, it is always helpful to apply ice to the affected area occasionally, according to your dentist’s advice. 

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