Dermaroller For Hair Growth?

Dermaroller For Hair Growth


Dermaroller For Hair Growth?

Dermaroller For Hair Growth

Attention! The text you are about to read contains conents that might be disturbing for those who have needle-phobia. 

No, no, we are kidding. Actually, not. 

If you are okay with hunderds of tiny miny needles go into your skin then welcome to the club! The things that we do for beauty, huh?

Dermaroller basically works on that way, by opening minimal holes on your skin in order to create a rejuvenative effect, and actually, it works!

You can use a dermaroller to rejuvenate your skin. But, did you know that you can also use it to regrow your hair? Yeah! 

Dermaroller is a great applience which you can use mutliple times, so it is budget-friendly. Most importantly, its effect is dermatologically approved so, you wont be wasting your time & money on nothing! 

Clean the scalp, open little holes on the scalp via dermaroller, pour specialized serums on your scalp afterwards and then wait for your hair to regrow. It is that easy! 

Have your own spin off: The return of the follicles! Coming soon…

We can hear you asking “But how, hundreds of microneedles can help me regrowing my hair?” There, there, here is the answer:

In fact, dermaroller damages the skin in order to to push your body to rebuild new cells to heal the damaged area. And, as you can predict, new cells mean rejuvenation. And, if you use the right serums which contain the right ingredients, you can actually stimulate the long-time dead follices waiting forever under your scalp for you to jog them. 

How to use a dermaroller on scalp?

Firstly, clean your dermaroller with a dsynfectant. An then clean your scalp, let it breate. Afterwards, start using dermaroller on your scalp by pushing against it very gently. Use it on every direction on your scalp for at least 5 minutes but do not exceed 10. At the end, the point is giving your scalp very, very, very minimal damages through microneedles. You need to be careful to not cause open wounds which will have no effect on your hair regrowing process, only hurt you so bad. 

You need to apply serums after the process.

You can repeate the whole process once or twice a week. Do not use dermaroller in an excessive way. Once a week is more than enough and if you effectuate the process in a right way, you may start to see your new born hairs in a few weeks.

Is using  dermaroller painful?

Like a mosquito bite if you use it correctly. Go easy on your scalp. We suggest you to massage your scalp with serums you will use after the process for relieving your scalp from stress that dermaroller caused and also for it to absorbe serums well. 

Which kind of serums should I use? 

No need to look everywhere for an answer. We got it! Turkeyana Plus Hair Complex Meso Serum is all that you need! A dermaroller and special serums only created for your hair to regrow, and an instruction for use are waiting for you in that fancy case:

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